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SA Fintech Market Analysis Abstract



South Africa’s financial services industry has witnessed reform in ways in which traditional financial services interact with consumers. Part of this reform has come from the advances made in the country’s financial technology (FinTech) sector.FinTech is revolutionising the financial services industry as hundreds of start-ups design new and innovative financial

products and services for customers, challenging the status quo. Our report seeks to unpack the industry’s impact on the financial services sector and other relevant markets.

Our research uncovers hidden opportunities while highlighting the competitive threats and challenges associated with the opportunities. Our aim is to enable South African FinTech companies to design their corporate strategy with the future in mind. This will also empower them to make informed, viable decisions. In addition, our research will provide investors and other relevant stakeholders with qualitative and quantitative insights on the potential of the South African FinTech market

The South African FinTech Industry report includes:

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