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Since 2015

Strategic Research and Advisory Services

Leveraging the past and the future, we work with our partners to turn ideas into viable and sustainable opportunities.

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What We Do

We’re curious about the past. We’re intrigued by the future. We’re excited about ideas. Leveraging the past and the future, we work with our partners to turn ideas into viable and sustainable opportunities.

Strategic Research and Advisory Services
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About Us

Birguid is an integrated organisation offering strategic research and advisory services.

We look for opportunities through robust research, build strategies based on identified opportunities, support our partners to roll out these strategies, also investing in opportunities with potential and leave a lasting impact based on the work we do.

Birguid's core focus is growth.

Our Vision

To become your chosen growth advisory partner.

Who We Are

We believe in impact and legacy.

Working tirelessly for our partners’ as well as our own better tomorrow.

Empowered by an enlightened understanding of today.

Driven by innovation and reimagining the way the world works.

Delivering work from an empathetic and entrepreneurial standpoint.

Staying the course and being there every step of the way.

We are Birguid, tomorrow’s consultant, today.
Our Story

Birguid was founded in 2015, with the aim of creating a consultancy that was led by research to build practical and impactful strategies. James wanted to build an organisation that provided advisory support based on lived and not shared experiences.

For him, what is important is strategic simplicity, a collaborative approach to working with partners and building and using tools that fully empower them as they grow and progress.

Our Services

What Service We Offer


Birguid’s intelligence arm delivers deep industry and economic knowledge and data used to inform our partners’ key decisions.


Leverage insights to create simplified and actionable strategies, supporting our partners to meet their growth agendas.


We also rely on our research and strategy expertise to build our own portfolio of investments aimed at sustaining us over the longer-term.


In addition to providing financial advisory support, we also offer micro-loans to some of our partners, enabling them to realise their dream, taking their businesses to the next level.

S - Synergistic

We collaborate with all invested parties for better outcomes.

T - Tenacious

We are in the persistent pursuit of insights and advice that empowers.

E - Erudite

We’re driven by creativity, imagining new outputs and outcomes.

P - Pioneering

Our insights support us to innovative and transform the world we live in for the greater good


Birguid’s research is conducted to uncover opportunities for our growing list of clients at a regional, national, segment, product and service level. We’re excited about emerging markets and continue to explore and discover opportunities that will contribute to further growth for these regions over the short, medium- and longer term.

How We Work

At Birguid, we’re Entrepreneurs first.

Who believe in Strategic Simplicity.

Leveraging our research expertise and practical approach,

To build and progress businesses,

Through the provision of actionable counsel.

For us, context is important.

For the work that we do. 

We exist at our partners’ coal face.

Building iteratively.

Collaborating with them continuously.

Journeying with them,

Every step of the way.

Co-accounting for their businesses’ successes and challenges.

To deliver lasting, impactful value.

Research is at the centre of all that we do.

We inform the future by understanding our past and present.

Through the collection of data and building of actionable insights and strategies, we empower our partners and ourselves to realise a better and more sustainable future.   

We deliver impactful advice by helping our partners to:

  • Be informed – through our intelligence that delivers robust research and data
  • Be empowered – through our advisory tools and models that are built on lived instead of shared experiences
  • Trust us based on our experience and expertise – we practice what we preach
  • Be uplifted – through financial advisory support, including the provision of micro-loans for those we know have the potential to journey to the next level