What Birguid does

  • Understand
  1. Insight & analytics – We conduct research and analysis both internally and externally aimed at enabling our partners to gain an informed understanding of current and future market trends and their impact on respective businesses
  2. Opportunity evaluation – Based on informed market assessments we work together with our partners to identify market opportunities and evaluate their viability

  • Grow
  1. Business case – we collaborate with our partners to justify whether a proposed project or opportunity is worth rolling out from a future commercial benefit standpoint
  2. Strategy development – we combine our understanding of market dynamics and commitment to growing organisations to develop enabling growth:
i. Business strategy,
ii. Brand strategy,
iii. Customer strategy, and
iv. Finance strategy
We develop these strategies with our partners in mind, ensuring that they are easy to understand, simpler to implement and deliver and create value through tangible results

a. Business modelling – we support our partners to formulate and implement plans aimed at growing respective businesses’ revenues and profit over the longer-term
b. Commercial due diligence – we conduct commercial attractiveness assessments for partners interested in acquiring other companies or being acquired themselves

  • Value
  1. Implementation – we support our clients to roll-out developed strategies in a manner that ensures they achieve their desired goals.
  2. Monitoring & evaluation – we work as a team to monitor successes and failures including the leverage of this exercise as a platform to learn and improve from a future growth and success standpoint.