Want to obtain a quick wellbeing review of your business but don’t have enough time during the working week to embark on such an activity? Why not sign up for Birguid’s Tactical Weekend Workshop (TWW)?
Birguid’s weekend workshop is aimed at providing our clients with a quick, objective and impartial appraisal of their businesses, including actionable recommendations that can be implemented during the short- and medium-term to progress the business’ wellbeing.

TWW Activities
  • An analysis of performance relative to your industry
  • Gap analysis (comparative analysis between current and set goals and objectives)
  • Assessment of existing customer experiences across selling, service touch-points
  • Recommendations to close gaps and progress to intended goals and objectives
  • Organising recommendations into a transformational roadmap which is sequenced based on investment, strategic and operational criteria
  • Return-on-investment analysis including rank of priorities based on comparison of recommendations in terms of payback and benefits
TWW Details
  • 1.5 days on-site (Saturday and Sunday morning) consisting of face-to-face interaction with Birguid’s senior managers and consultants
  • Workshop discussions of client's business based on key issues and functional themes
  • Real-time, high-level feedback on how to address identified problems during workshop sessions
  • In-depth overnight review of client business challenges to identify and suggest actionable solutions
  • Solutions debrief (Sunday morning) based on key issues, including brainstorm on workability of suggested solutions
  • 1 week to prepare report on action items based on workshop discussions and high-level recommendations – (Next Monday to Saturday)
  • Submission of final report (Sunday)

TWW Deliverable
  • Tactical report which discusses:
  • Key problems
  • Suggested recommendations
  • Key action items during the short- and medium-term to address raised concerns
  • In-principle implementation procedure for key action items

TWW Benefits
  • Dip-stick review of key tactical issues, including recommendations to address them
  • Face-to-face interaction with Biguid's senior managers and consultants during workshops
  • Tactical report with key short- and medium-term action items based on discussed concerns
  • A cost-effective option to acquire wellbeing advice on how to improve and progress client businesses; in particular the smaller sized enterprises
  • Further engagement through optional presentation of submitted tactical report

TWW Duration
  • Eight to Ten Days: 2 day workshop plus 6 – 8 days for tactical report write-up