Is your business concerned with:
  • Lower than expected revenues
  • Growing business profitability
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Gaining efficiencies
  • Reducing employee turnover

Birguid’s Rapid Wellbeing Assessment (RWA) combines our deep understanding of strategy, small- to medium-size enterprise best practices, industry expertise and over 20 years of combined experience in strategy, research and financial management with our clients’ knowledge of their current operations to provide a customised set of recommendations, business cases, and transformation plans. The results are aimed at identifying actionable ways to improve your organisation’s performance and wellbeing. Birguid’s RSA is thus a cost effective, quick result diagnostic tool aimed at improving your business’ performance.

Questions we help our clients answer through an RWA:
· Do we have the right people and the right structure for our organization?
· How do we compare to other organizations in our industry?
· Why does my financial close process take so long?

Key RWA Activities
· An analysis of performance relative to your industry
· Gap analysis (comparative analysis between current and set goals and objectives)
· Assessment of existing customer experiences across selling, service touch-points
· Recommendations to close gaps and progress to intended goals and objectives
· Organising recommendations into a transformational roadmap which is sequenced based on investment, strategic and operational criteria
· Return-on-investment analysis including rank of priorities based on comparison of recommendations in terms of payback and benefits

Business Drivers Addressed in an RWA
· Improve customer experience
· Decrease operational expenses
· Increase employee productivity and satisfaction
· Maximise revenue generation

RWA Details
· 3 – 4 days on-site
· 1 day to present final results and transformation plan
· 4 – 6 weeks total to produce an actionable business transformation plan aligning processes and resources to your business’ goals and ambitions
· Rigorous analysis of your business including leadership, partnerships, processes, procedures, human resources and customer centeredness

RWA Deliverables
Hard and soft copy reports which encompass:
· Current state of affairs
· Detailed findings in terms of successes and failures
· Recommendations on suggested solutions including implementation steps

RWA Benefits
· Alignment of business with best practices based on our expertise, experience and prescriptive guidance
· Supporting your business to streamline processes to enhance customer centeredness
· Actionable and sustainable quick-win opportunities
· Longer term planning for performance enhancements
· Support your business to transform in alignment with intended goals and objectives

RWA Duration
· Four (4) – Six (6) weeks